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Booost Incubator - Our Why, Who We Are and How It Works.

Booost is found to solve one single problem - to make startups investable.

Together with Angel Investors around us, we have turned down numerous startups because of their shaky foundation in product, fundraising history, and/or legal frameworks.

While frustrated on how teams have gotten themselves into these messes, we decided to stop ranting.

We decided to set things straight.

Hence the birth of Booost, an incubator backed by a network of business Angels, and operated by Catalyst Ventures & OOOSH Coworking.

Booost will work alongside 6 handpicked teams per year, with raw talent and great potential in a 6-month incubation programme, to groom them into investible startups.

After our extensive half-year programme, graduating teams will get up to 100K USD funding.


About Booost:

We take in 6 teams per year on a rolling basis. Pre-seed startups based in Asia who are in Marketing Tech, Travel Tech and Future of Work, which has a prototype ready and at least one tech cofounder are eligible to apply.

Learn more about Booost Incubator here.

Ready to Booost? Apply here.


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