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Looking for a reliable partner to outsource your work to is a pain in the ass.

You would be worried about the quality of work they will deliver, or whether they will actually be delivering ANYTHING at all.

We’ve been through similar ourselves, hence providing Ooosh Connect - a list of

entrusted partners, who might not be the most affordable options, but definitely willing to work for startups with professionalism.




Ooosh Mentor is an 1-on-1 consultation sessions for Startups & Entrepreneurs.


Carefully selected by the Ooosh Team, Ooosh Mentor are your go-to consultants to seek for professional advice!


Through mentorship, training, and free credits, the Google Cloud for Startups program enables any startup to get up and running quickly and frictionlessly.


Ooosh Coworking Members are now eligible to apply. Please speak with our team to application details. 




Catalyst Ventures is the Venture Capital arm of Ooosh Coworking, investing in early-stage hustlers and go-getters. 

Our investment scope includes software startups in MarketingTech, TravelTech, and Consumer Internet enabled by Big Data / ML / AI, Blockchain, or Digital Automations.

Ooosh (defined as “The Cheer of Triumph”), is a coworking space where passionate entrepreneurs from new and old economies collide.

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